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Shiva Gupta

Master graduate in applied mathematics with two years of tutoring experience.Recently motivated master graduate in applied mathematics from the University of Limoges, France. Throughout my studies, I built excellent knowledge and skills in mathematics (algebra, real/complex analysis, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, functions, differentiation, integration, topology, differential equations/calculus, and related topics).

Algebra 100 %

Integration, 34 %

Geometry 100 %

0 100 %


Elly P

My name is Elly P

I have a degree in Physics

 Astrophysics and a master’s degree in Environmental Management. I have been teaching for 25 years and have taught children of all ages throughout my career. Before Covid-19 I was teaching Python coding to children aged 7-11 across London. I greatly enjoy nurturing the amazing creativity and passion that young people have for coding so I decided to create a self-study course for kids so that they can continue to learn how to code despite our current challenging circumstances

Website design and development 100 %

Robotics 0 %
Robotics 0 %

Design app and game 100 %

0 100 %



Summary of Qualifications

State certified English teacher with 3+ years of experience in educating middle and high school students. Knowledgeable of English Language Arts Standards, modern teaching methods, and assessment systems. At St James High School helped grad class students improve final test scores by 20%. Eager to provide a creative environment  for English language and literature learning at NO State High School.


Work Experience

 Year from - Year To







 M.A in English

B.Ed in English


Key Skills


  • Strong work ethic
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Self motivation
  • Developing lesson and education plans
  • Planning
  • Electronic presentation
  • Evaluating performance and grading exams
  • Educational copyright knowledge
  • SMART board interactive displays


Teaching Certificates


  • Voluntary accreditation from CAEP
  • Louisiana Teacher Assistance and Assessment Program (LATAAP)




  • Modern American literature
  • Modernist American poetry
  • Illustration


english 98 %

hindi 0 %
hindi 0 %

Japanese 78 %

0 89 %

Curricular Activities 

Games & Sports



Library : Yes

Bus : Yes

Seats :

School Information

  • Name: Ramesh Chandak English School
  • Principal Name: Aparna Dey (Principal)
  • Address: Nagpur
  • Seats:


  • https://emointel.in/uploads/PROJECT_IMG/chess for kids
    https://emointel.in/uploads/PROJECT_IMG/Chemistry class for kids

    https://emointel.in/uploads/PROJECT_IMG/Language Class

    https://emointel.in/uploads/PROJECT_IMG/Educational virtual dance class