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In this course, we reinforce the basic conceptssuch as beats, tempo, pitch, swaras, and dynamics and take it a level up by introducing 'grouping of beats' and beat patterns. Students will learn the connection of swaras and melody and learn the swara mapping for a song.In Dynamics, students will learn the symbols for the basic dynamics levels. They will also learn a new set of 5-6 songs , with a slightly higher difficulty level, in English, Hindi and a regional/foreign language. The songs also help in the reinforcement and application of the concepts learnt.

Topics Covered:


  • Grouping of beats & Beat patterns
  • Hello from around the world
  • Sharing the planet

Pitch -Swaras

  • High is better than low - high and low Pitch
  • Aao milke gaye - Swaras
  • Hum honge kamyaab - Swara mapping

Dynamics - symbols to read and notate basic Dynamic levels

  • Babua ki murgi

Regional song

  • Hum honge kamyaab in 4 regional languages
  • Hum honge kamyaab - swara mapping


  • Prepare for Performance
  • Performance

Additional song

  • Laal Taanga

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  • Seats: 10
  • Age: 3-6
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Course Type: online
  • Video Available: No
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