Our Violin lessons, classes, programs & courses will help you bring out your hidden musical talents. You will receive Violin lessons that will help develop your violin learning skills. At emointel, our trained violin teachers will help you to learn violin playing the right way. Our programs include music lessons for kids / children and for beginners. This also includes music lessons for teenagers / youth and music lessons for adults.

At emointel, we believe that if our students can use their hands, then they can play an instrument (if they desire to). Through our Violin lessons, classes, teaching programs and courses we bring to our students musical experiences and musical memories. These memories will last for a life time. Our students get excellent training and develop great boldness by being exposed to wide range of musical and creative opportunities. They get exposure through our training programs, workshops, recitals, concerts and public performances. Through music education we wish to provide children with social, knowledge and skill development opportunities. We also aim to promote in them a sense of self-esteem, success and pride. Hence we maintain a special learning environment designed to provide a rich and rewarding musical experience for each student.

We have different programs for students to learn the Violin ranging from the Beginners level to advanced level

Exploring Pulse and Rhythm

  • Using body percussion to differentiate pulse and rhythm
  • Copy and create rhythmic phrases

Exploring Tempo

  • Using music to enhance storytelling
  • Play with varying speeds according to the idea depicted  (e.g slow snail; speedy spider)
  • Introduction of the bow – care/hold



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  • Seats: 10
  • Age: 10-17 years
  • Duration: 6 month
  • Course Type: online