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The Financial Literacy course for kids teaches money management, savings and wise financial decisions. It fosters confidence, critical thinking and responsible spending, preparing children for a financially secure future. Start early for lifelong financial success.

  1. Financial Literacy 

Module 1. What is financial literacy

  • What’s financial literacy?

  • Importance of financial literacy in kids

  • Basic financial terms and definitions

  • Examples of how these terms are used in everyday life

Module 2. Savings and financial goals

  • What are financial goals?

  • Importance of setting financial goals

  • Importance of saving money

  • Tips for saving money

Module 3. Needs vs. Wants

  • Understanding needs and wants

  • Difference between needs and wants

  • How to recognize ‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’

Module 4. Budgeting Basics

  • Importance of budgeting

  • How to create a basic budget

  • Importance of comparison shopping

  • Tips for making smart purchasing decisions

Module 5. Introduction to Investing

  • Definition of investing

  • Importance of investing for the future

  • Types of Investments

  • Pros and cons of each type of investment

  • Importance of doing the research before investing

  • Tips for getting started with investing

Module 6. Credit, Debt, and Interest

  • Definition of credit and debt

  • Importance of good credit

  • Definition of interest rates

  • How interest rates impact loans and credit cards

  • Tips for responsible borrowing

  • Importance of paying off debt

Module 7. The Bad Guys: Introduction to Fraud and Scams

  • Definition of fraud and scams

  • Examples of common scams

  • Importance of being cautious with personal information

  • Tips for protecting your identity

Module 8. Saving for a Rainy Day

  • Importance of having an emergency fund

  • How to save for an emergency fund

  • Understanding risk

  • Importance of having insurance coverage

  • Overview of different types of insurance

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