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1. Number System    

Comparing and Ordering 4-Digit Numbers
Large Numbers
Large Numbers in Practice
Roman Numerals

2. Whole Numbers

Identities and Special Properties of Whole Numbers.
Introduction to Whole Numbers.
Patterns in Whole Numbers.
Properties of Whole Numbers.

3. Playing with Numbers

Applications of HCF and LCM.
Divisibility Rules.
Factors and Multiples.
Highest Common Factor.
Lowest Common Multiple.
Prime and Composite Numbers.
Prime Factorisation

4.Basic Geometrical Ideas

Curves and Their Types

5. Understanding Elementary Shapes

Classification of Triangles.
Lines .
Quadrilaterals and Other Polygons.
Three Dimensional Shapes.

6. Integers

Addition of Integers.
Introduction to Integers.
Subtraction of Integers.


Addition and Subtraction of Fractions.
Conversion of Fractions.
Equivalent Fractions.
Like and Unlike Fractions.
Types of Fractions and Their Representation.

8. Decimals

 Addition and Subtraction of Decimals .
 Comparison and Uses of Decimals.
 Decimals: Tenths and Hundredths.

9. Data Handling

Bar Graphs.
Collecting and Organising Data.

10. Mensuration

Area of Regular and Irregular Shapes.
Perimeter of Regular and Irregular Shapes.

11. Algebra

Algebraic Expressions.
Introduction to Algebra.
Introduction to Algebraic Equations.

12. Ratio & Proportion

Unitary Method.

13. Symmetry

Line Symmetry and Reflection Symmetry.
Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Figures.

14. Practical Geometry

Construction of a Circle.
Construction of a Line Segment.
Construction of Angles and their Bisectors.
Construction of Angles of Special Measures.

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  • Age: 11
  • Duration: 8 Months
  • Course Type: online
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