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1.Chemical reactions and equations
Chemical reaction
Chemical equation
Types of chemical reaction I
Types of chemical reaction II
Corrosion, rusting and rancidity

2. Acid, bases and salt
   Types of compounds acids II
   Types of compounds acids
  Types of compounds bases
  Strength of acids and bases
  pH scale
  Indicators for testing acids and bases
  Common salt
  Sodium hydroxide
  Washing soda
  Baking soda
  Bleaching powder
  Plaster of paris
  Hydrated salts
  Baking powder

3. Metals and non-metals

Physical properties of metals and non-metals
Chemical properties of metals
Chemical properties of non-metals
Difference between metals and non-metals
Reactivity series of metals
Uses of metals and non-metals
Ionic compounds and covalent compounds
Occurence of metal II
Occurence of metal
Corrosion and rusting

4. Carbon and its compound
Anomalous behaviour of carbon
Allotropes of carbon
Functional groups
Carbon compounds
Acetic acid
Soaps and detergents

5.Periodic Table

Early attempts at the classification of elements
Early attempts at the classification of elements Mendeleeve’s periodic table
Present basis for the classification of elements modern periodic table
Periodic table trends based on the properties of elements
Characteristics of periods and groups
Merits of modern periodic table

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Chemical Reactions and Equations

Acids bases and salt

Metals and Non Metals

"Carbon and its compounds

Periodic Classification of Elements


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  • Age: 12-15
  • Duration: 8 Months
  • Course Type: online
  • Video Available: Yes
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