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1.How do organisms reproduce

Types of reproduction
Modes of asexual reproduction
Sexual reproduction in plants
Sexual reproduction in animals
Reproduction in humans
Sexual cycle in females
Birth control
Reproductive health
Difference inbetween sexual and asexual reproduction

2.Management of natural resources

Management of natural resources
The 3 R’s
Forest and wildlife
Sustainable development
Water for all
Pollution of river water
Rainwater harvesting
Coal and petroleum
Hazards caused by burning coal and petroleum based fuels

3.Life processes

Life processes
Modes of nutrition
Nutrition mode in plants
Nutrition in human beings
Respiration – a life process
Respiration in plants and animals
Respiration in humans
Transport in plants and animals
Transport in humans
Metabolism and reproduction
Excretion in plants and animals

4.Control and coordination

Control and coordination
Plant hormones
Response to stimulus in plants
Nervous system: animals
Human nervous system
The parts of the nervous system
Hormones in animals
The endocrine system
Feedback mechanism

5. Heredity and evolution
Mendel’s Experiment
Sex determination
Evidences for evolution
Darwins theory
Human evolution

6.Our environment

Food chains and food webs
Environmental issues and solution
Managing the garbage we produce
Comparison of the nervous system and endocrine system
Excretion in humans

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How Do Organisms Reproduce I

How Do Organisms Reproduce II

How Do Organisms Reproduce III

How Do Organisms Reproduce IV

Management of Natural Resources

Life Processes I

Life Processes II

Life Processes Transportation III

Life Processes Transportation IV

Life Processes Excretion V

Control And Coordination I

Control And Coordination II

Heredity And Evolution I

Heredity And Evolution II

Our Environment


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